BIT Huachuang , BIT together with Beiqi Foton to Build APEC Summit Pure Electric Vehicle

    From November 5th to 11th 2014, the APEC summit will be held in Beijing, China. The core developers from BIT Huachuang Electric Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd, along with electric vehicle technology team from Beijing institute of technology formed a special team, sharing vehicle developing and debugging work with Beiqi Foton, which is APEC officially designated transport provider.

   The special team was made up of dozens of professional engineers, teachers and graduate students. They worked overtime and sacrificed vocation in order to complete loading debugging work and optimize the vehicle control strategy along  with key parts performance before the APEC summit. The special team provided quality and efficient service for various APEC summit activities.

   Among the 30 pure electric buses delivered this time, one of the biggest bright spot is the first appearance of 6-meter-level pure electric bus. The pure electric bus is 6.5 meters long, 2.25 meters wide, 2.8 meters high, and the body color is yellow. Besides, it has 11 seats and is able to take 36 passengers. As the world first 6.5-meter-longpure electric bus, it is the domestic first developed community "circulation" bus, designed for quick connection. Known as the best means of transport for urban residents in "the last kilo meter", the bus could pick passengers between the community and the subway or traffic lines without delay. During the APEC meeting, there will be 30 new buses put into use in HuaiRou district. 70 more pure electric buses are expected to be delivered to HuaiRou district in the future, making HuaiRou district become Beijing pure electric bus demonstration operation area.

    Beijing institute of technology and BIT Huachuang Electric Vehicle Technology Co., LTD successfully provided reception vehicles in the central area during the Olympic Games, Guangzhou Asian games and the Shanghai world Expo conference, meanwhile accumulated a wealth of experience. The high political responsibility, exquisite technology and the sincerely services shown by the team also won the high praise from the leadership.